ISG’s IPL Awards Ceremonies: Recognising Excellence Globally

EMS takes immense pride in working with our valued client, Information Services Group (ISG) on their Global ISG Provider Lens™ Award Ceremonies.


The ISG Provider Lens™ (IPL) is a distinguished research initiative providing invaluable insights into the behaviours of technology enterprise buyers. The IPL Award Ceremonies recognise the service providers who play a pivotal role in contributing to the program’s research efforts.

These ceremonies aren’t just about acknowledging excellence; they’re a testament to ISG’s commitment to celebrating achievement wherever it thrives.

Across the Americas, Australia and Europe, ISG’s Awards Ceremonies shine a spotlight on brilliance worldwide. As their event agents, EMS is honoured to be part of this journey, showcasing excellence on a global scale. These ceremonies provide a platform for industry leaders to connect, collaborate, and celebrate their collective successes. It’s a testament to ISG’s dedication to fostering excellence and innovation.

Throughout 2023, EMS provided venue sourcing and on-site production assistance to ISG and are looking forward to continuing this support globally in 2024.

With EMS’s support, the management of complex awards ceremonies and business events become effortless, guaranteeing high-quality results that are in line with your goals.


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