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Programme Development and Speaker Recruitment

The content or programme of any conference is the key factor for a prospective attendee deciding to register and also drives their satisfaction rating of the event.  The venue, networking and catering are all important but the content of the event is its key to success.

At EMS, we have experience in supporting both the creation of your programme content – themes, messages, tracks and sessions –  and in designing innovative event formats to maximise attendee engagement throughout your event. How you communicate your content/message can be as important as what is communicated.  Programme formats vary from keynote presentations, to panel discussions, workshops, case studies, breakout group exercises, roundtable discussions, interviews, demonstrations, speed networking sessions and more.

Engaging industry or celebrity keynote speakers, recruiting independent experts, or confirming your customers to deliver case study presentations is all part of our service. Once recruited, speakers are managed to ensure that their presentations meet the expectations of the audience. Presentations are reviewed and meetings can be arranged between speakers and the content lead or event chair prior to arrival and speaker rehearsals can be scheduled on the day.

Adding pre-event or post-event online communities to your event to deliver additional content, reinforce messaging and drive attendee networking is rapidly becoming standard practice and can easily be added to your conference through off-the-shelf solutions.