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Virtual Event Coordination

As many companies have been forced to pivot from live in person conferences to Virtual Online Events the team at EMS has guided and supported our clients through this process by:

  • Advising on the best technology platforms to launch their Virtual Event, providing a truly immersive experience online which maximises profits and maintains their position in the industry
  • Working with presenters to record sessions that will be engaging to the online participants, ensuring they are empowered to leverage the technology to present their sessions seamlessly
  • Engaging participants throughout the virtual event, with live Q&A, online chat, virtual breakout meetings, polling and gamification to ensure everyone feels connected and engaged with the programme content
  • Facilitating networking for sponsors and exhibitors, so that we can guarantee maximum return on their investment including “virtual booths” with online demos, meeting schedulers, video chats, Q&A, networking lounges and much more
  • Designing the online experience to make it easy to navigate whilst providing branding opportunities for all event partners
  • Running live training courses, coordinating breakout rooms and workshops, polls and surveys enabling the presenter to focus on delivering the course material
  • Capturing data with audience analytics to share with key stakeholders so they can demonstrate maximum ROI