Top Traits to Look for in Successful Event Planners

Not everyone is born a natural event planner. What traits does a successful event planner need to display? If you are choosing someone to manage your conference or event, here are some specific qualities we think you should look out for…

1. Being prepared and planning for contingencies
The success of every event is in the detail. The best event planners are the ones who have a complete system for how they go about preparing for events, foreseeing potential threats and risks and staying one step ahead.

2. Having passion for what they do
Event management can be very stressful and often involves a high level of “fire-fighting”. It involves working with lots of diverse customers with different needs – from you, the client, to event sponsors, to delegates/attendees – who all have different expectations. At the same time, they are working with any number of suppliers, which presents its own challenges. So planners must be passionate about their profession and thrive on all the challenges that stand between them and a successful event.

3. Flexibility
In an era of shrinking budgets and shorter lead times, event planners must be quick thinking and able to put things together fast as well as change course without hesitation if required.

4. Staying level headed while under fire
Event planning is not for those who are quick to panic! Clients, sponsors and attendees are all looking for guidance and those who can think on their feet, maintain their composure and stay calm while fixing any type of problem make the best event planners.

5. Having a vision
Most people think that, when it comes to event planning, having a vision applies mainly to event design, but in truth this applies to the event in its entirety. Vision in event planning includes being able to see all the disparate elements of an event coming together, including the event theme, targeted attendees, venue, design/decor, speakers, entertainment, cuisine, sponsors … the list goes on. The key here is to see the bigger picture and have a vision that delivers on what you, the customer, wants and expects.

6. Attention to detail
Even the smallest event has hundreds of details, and event managers must not only track all these details but when they change understand how they will impact other elements of the event. This understanding and attention to detail is an essential quality of a meeting planner.

7. Ability to listen and understand their clients’ goals
The best event planners are great listeners who take in lots of ideas, input and advice and then act on this. Great event planners also realize that the true purpose of an event is to achieve your goals and deliver the best experience to the intended audience

8 Humility
A great event planner understands that the event isn’t about them, their needs or their ego… it’s all about you and your audience and delivering the best possible experience to them.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but we think it covers the most important traits. Here at Event Management Services, our experienced team of event planners all benefit from these qualities. Contact Carol or Suzy to see how EMS can help you with your event.