Case Study: Grow a profitable events business right across EMEA

Palladium Group, a global professional services company with offices in the US, APAC and EMEA, contracted Event Management Services to build their commercial conference and training course business in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Palladium was EMS’ first client and for 7 years we managed their pan-European strategy management Summit of 300 senior executives annually, hosting the conference for example in London, Madrid, and Barcelona.  10 years later our event management for Palladium has taken a new direction.  We are now building their training course business and opening up new geographic markets across EMEA.  EMS has organised over 100 multi-day, high-value training events in 16 countries and has registered more than 5,000 paying attendees.

Understanding how to progress event products through their life cycle – from catching a wave to expanding into new geographic markets when products have matured – has been key to our success and the continuing client relationship.  Starting out with events across Western Europe we helped Palladium build awareness and sales in a mature market. As their ambitions grew, we supported Palladium’s expansion in the Gulf to capitalise on rapid growth and new opportunities. More recently, we have helped them open up emerging markets including Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa to create whole new revenue streams and a larger client base.

Opening up new markets is tough – it’s about finding the right partners, understanding how to get things done in different cultural environments, raising service standards, marketing without access to established direct marketing resources, and collecting registration payments from slow-moving public sector bodies, and many more challenges.  Working across these markets is part of the accumulated expertise at EMS.

Andreea Derta, Marketing & Education Manager, Palladium EMEA, said “Over the past ten years, EMS has been an essential partner in our growth and success. As our business expanded rapidly across emerging EMEA markets, EMS has been an indispensable events partner to us: supporting us with raising awareness, service delivery and, most importantly, contributing to our bottom line.”