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Operations and Logistics

The level of detailed planning and the checking of arrangements that occurs in the background to ensure your event looks completely effortless is multi-layered.  Success lies in applying a robust project management process to each event, aligning the process to the key goals and objectives of your event.

Once the event plan is in place, the venue secured and project timeline created, the detailed logistics can start.  For some large scale, complicated events, this can be a year-long process; for other timely event initiatives, it can all be done in a matter of weeks.  EMS has experiences at both ends of the spectrum.

It’s not all in the planning though.  However well an event is planned, something unexpected will happen on the day and this is where EMS experience shines through and any situation is dealt with quietly and efficiently so that your attendees are unaware anything unexpected has occurred.

Logistics can be divided into 3 stages:


  • Brief and manage suppliers – AV, security, exhibit services, printers, signage entertainment
  • Review in detail – room sets, timings, set up, menus and functions, guest accommodation, branding, registration
  • Manage travel and transportation and accommodation reservations
  • Produce conference handouts, badges, gifts, download site


  • Assign staff Registration, Meeting Rooms, Catering and Transportation
  • Prepare AV staff, music, lighting and speakers for an impressive ‘kick off’
  • Manage catering numbers effectively, maximising value and minimizing wastage
  • Register delegates and run ‘Help Desk’
  • Support sponsors and exhibitors through set up and last minute requests/changes
  • Manipulate the environment to facilitate networking
  • Manage any off-site functions
  • Collect attendee feedback, through mobile app or ipads


  • Summarise delegate feedback
  • Produce a post-conference report
  • Reconcile all revenue and invoices