Its one common scenario: you intend to include or change a DRAM component in your pc.

Its one common scenario: you intend to include or change a DRAM component in your pc.

Nevertheless have another module. Is it possible to combine and complement DRAM with some other generations, rate, latency, voltage, or providers?

Within website, well explore what goes on in every one of these scenarios, and recommendations to make sure that your personal computer storage is the perfect fit for the program.

The Standards

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Before we diving into what will happen once you combine various kinds of mind, lets take a look at just what differentiates one DRAM module from another.

Generation: This refers to the type of the DRAM chip. Each generation of DRAM presents a noticable difference in speeds, latency, and current.

Speed: This refers to how quickly your pc can shop and access information from your own mind module. Generally speaking, quicker DRAM is most effective.

Latency: referred to as timings, latency refers to the number of clock series to accomplish a read/write chore for the systems Central Processing Unit. The reduced the latency of your DRAM component, the less time it will require to complete these work.

Current: This is basically the power ingested by DRAM module.

Brand: the maker and/or assembler of your memory, like essential.

Different Years of DRAM

Lets say you have elderly DDR3 RAM in your system. Can you put in a DDR4 component alongside your own DDR3 receive better show?

No. Dont get it done. do not even attempt. You can not mix different generations of DRAM.

In fact, your cant put in an alternative generation of DRAM in your body whatsoever. The reason is that their motherboard was created to procedure one generation of storage. Indeed, each generation of DRAM have a different sort of placement of pins so that you will cant unintentionally download the wrong module in some type of computer.

The verdict? No. Never. Difficult.

Rate, Latency, & Voltage

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What goes on once you install DRAM modules of various speeds?

As you can technically combine rates, there can be one important thing to note: their DRAM would all run at the performance regarding the slowest component. For example, if you have got a DDR3 1333MHz program and put in an extra component at 1600MHz, they might both operated from the 1333MHz increase.

The exact same thing takes place with segments having various latencies. The system is going to run according to the component utilizing the slowest timings. Another thing to remember is exactly what speed the motherboard can handle. Should your motherboard can simply handle a 1333MHz component, subsequently a 1600MHz component would work at 1333MHz.

Think about DRAM modules with some other voltages? You guessed they: both segments would operated at the higher voltage.

Assuming you have got a 1.5v component in a single position and a twin voltage (1.35v/1.5v) product into the other, one’s body is going to run at 1.5v. Should you wanted their DRAM modules to run at 1.35v, all of them will have to end up being 1.35v along with your motherboard would have to support the lower current.

The decision? Feasible, if you will lose the advantages of more efficient module. If you’re able to manage to change all of the modules with faster, lower-latency modules, you’ll receive the best benefit. In case you are wanting to save money, you’ll receive the most effective price by purchasing another component with similar speeds and latency.

If you find yourself practiced at overclocking, you are able to change the BIOS as well as other setup to tweak the show of mixed-speed modules. Nonetheless it can result in unstable listings.


We’ve developed that you definitely cant mix generations of DRAM. Therefores perhaps not optimal to combine modules with various speeds, latency, or voltage.

Think about blending labels of DRAM?

In theory, if some other qualities (generation, speeds, latency, voltage) are identical, there must be no issue using DRAM from two different designs. Although some elderly DDR3 systems need paired units of mind.

One more thing to remember is the fact that lots of memories manufacturer don’t manufacturing their DRAM; they merely construct the segments. There are just a handful of real memory space makers, and that means you will eventually end up being picking DRAM from those options.

Small modifications from inside the set up procedure, and additionally the difference in manufacturing among the list of suppliers, might impact the abilities of this segments. While it’s unlikely, almost always there is the potential for the modules no longer working with sugar daddy Massachusetts each other and evoking the azure display of dying for the system.

The verdict? Start at the very own hazard and seek advice from the manufacturers documentation.