Figures / Wotakoi: enjoy is tough for Otaku.Affectionate Nickname: “Naru” to Hanako.

Figures / Wotakoi: enjoy is tough for Otaku.Affectionate Nickname: “Naru” to Hanako.

Characters being in Wotakoi: like is Hard for Otaku. Avoid prospective spoilers.

The heroine, whoever decide to conceal her otaku passions from her newer officemates backfired quickly when their childhood friend Hirotaka outs the lady. They after begin matchmaking. The woman is a fujoshi whom additionally loves otome games and idols, and she writes and draws doujinshi both as a spare time activity and to make cash on along side it at Comiket.

  • A-Cup Angst: Hanako are piled. Narumi is certainly not (as an omake web page would like to advise you). Hirotaka wants to mention Narumi’s lack of property, a Berserk option on her behalf which in turn causes the woman to throttle and swear at your. She also gets envious of this busty figurines on Hirotaka’s rack, flipping these to face the wall structure. One illustration from a collection of responses to fan ideas has their obliterating a table filled with demands she increase tits making use of one fist.
  • Affectionate Nickname: “Naru” to Hanako.
  • Ambiguously Bi: Narumi surely wants men—she’s currently internet dating Hirotaka, has actually only ever endured boyfriends prior to now, and is also a Yaoi Fangirl—but there are more than some indications that she locates Hanako attractive, such as for example how she frequently in private notes to herself how large Hanako’s tits tend to be and just how she virtually drools over Hanako’s Hot Witch avatar during the RPG they bring. She additionally often discusses having “waifus” (a term frequently utilized for fictional female characters), but it’s never clarified what the sexes of the woman “waifus” is.
  • Childhood buddies: She and Hirotaka were elementary and secondary school classmates. Whenever they reconnect, it gets a Childhood buddy love.
  • Clingy Jealous woman: Downplayed; but Narumi never requires they really when she over hears additional females name Hirotaka attractive. She and Kabakura also angrily take down Hirotaka and Hanako’s fooling recommendation of switching associates.
  • Cabinet Geek: ahead of the start of story, she hid the lady otaku welfare from many people she realized and intended to perform the exact same at the woman newer tasks, specially since the girl past boyfriend dumped the woman after learning she got an otaku. Hirotaka outs the lady rapidly, but and she later remarks how nice it’s to be able to display the woman geeky passion utilizing the various other biggest figures.
  • Color-Coded Figures: Pinkish. It’s her tresses shade also it features inside her garments.
  • Sweet Clumsy female: She goofs upwards plenty when first starting her newer task, like making hundreds of bad duplicates, but she actually is no less adorable for it.
  • Girly Female with a Tomboy move: She wears countless pink, enjoys sexy issues and for the the majority of component is pretty girly, but she is likely to put on harsher, considerably male speech when she’s mad and is also equally keen on shonen manga as she’s of BL and otome video games. This will be better exemplified by the woman MMORPG personality, who is an elf woman wearing frilly red apparel; Kabakura assumes she must certanly be a summoner, but she’s really an assassin since she wants creating high approach and rate stats.
  • Keeps a Type: Mentions that high, scary-looking men like Kabakura are usually more the lady sort, but she gets with Hirotaka, who’sn’t like this anyway.
  • Knight Templar your government: While she’sn’t associated with Naoya, she actually is still extremely defensive of your. When she think some one produced your weep, she got willing to cause some soreness.
  • Oblivious to Love: Her profile shows that though she is have countless dating knowledge, she is oblivious when people is in appreciate along with her. In fact, the root theme of the girl and Hirotaka’s story is exactly how she actually is getting more conscious she’s starting to just take your most really as an intimate spouse, however continues to haven’t completely discovered how much cash Hirotaka certainly really loves this lady.
  • Pinkish Means Feminine: She has pinkish tresses and attire during the tone, matching with getting the perky, friendly, girly protagonist.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: Kind and friendly, if quite harsh, with peach-colored hair.
  • Precisely what does She discover in Him?: Inverted because Hirotaka was the lady nerdy childhood buddy and isn’t traditionally appealing, Narumi possess a practice of underestimating how often other girls could find your attractive. Hanako actually exasperatedly tells the girl that he is capture.
  • Yaoi Fangirl: really loves BL and tends to make money on along side it publishing and design doujins. She clearly refers to by herself as a fujoshi more often than once.
  • You Gotta Have Actually Blue Hair: Have green locks. Youth flashbacks showcase it is the girl organic color.

Narumi’s youth buddy and new coworker, which becomes the woman date after multiple after-work sipping sessions. Hirotaka is a stoic gaming otaku; unlike the girl, he does not make the effort hiding their interest.

  • Archer Archetype: within the MMORPG the cast performs, Hirotaka’s dynamics try a cool-headed, high-leveled blog link archer befitting his character. Scenes where he’s playing Monster huntsman in the anime and also the live-action film reveal him utilising the Wepwawet ribbon as his tool of preference and.
  • Appealing Bent-Gender: obviously creates a pretty woman whenever convinced to cosplay.
  • Wild birds of a Feather: With Kou, who the guy fulfills and quickly loves considering this lady being silent, nerdy, and an experienced player like him. This is certainly pointed out by Narumi as being strange for Hirotaka, as he does not normally watch everyone or remember their unique brands.
  • Buxom Is Better: A believer within this; their bishoujo figurines are notably busty, much to Narumi’s chagrin.
  • Color-Coded figures: Blue; his locks and attention color and his garments are typical blue.